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Monday, March 5, 2007

How To Apply Acrylic Mirr.Edge to a mirror that has existing mirror clips

The best way to deal with this situation is to unscrew and relocate the plastic or metal mirror clips to within one and a half inches from each corner. Affix the horizontal and vertical Mirr.Edge Acrylic Strips in between the clips using the included double faced tape in each package, in addition to dabs of Mirr.Edge Glue Adhesive or Liquid Nails LN-600 Adhesive (sold separately) next to the double faced tape squares. Affix the Mirr.Edge Corner Plates into the corner areas and ON TOP of the Acrylic Strips in each corner, thereby covering the mirror clips.

In the event the mirror clips are not able to be relocated to the corner areas, you can piece the Acrylic Strips in between the existing clips, and cover the clips with a Mirr.Edge Cover Seam Plate, or a small piece of leftover Mirr.Edge Acrylic Strip, cut to two or three inches long, or as desired. This solution works best with the metal mirror clip, as it is only about an eigth inch thick. If you have the traditional thicker plastic mirror clips, replacing them with a metal clip would work best. These metal mirror clips can usually be found at your local home improvement stores in the mirror and/or hardware department.

Friday, March 2, 2007

One way to cover up those clips on a large mirror

To cover up clips on a

larger mirror, use extrapieces

where you go around the clip

to place on top of it. How

beautiful it looks....