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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Black edges look awful but look what happened...

BEFORE with ugly black edges from desilvering
around the edges...

AFTER - WOW!! Look how beautiful it looks
with the acrylic mirror trim....Just love IT!!!!

Double application for mirrors

If you like a wider look for your mirror, you can double up on the strips and then add the corner. It's looks incredible in the Royal Oak Woodgrain finish!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wood grain

"I and my husband first saw this product in sky mall brochure for Southwest Airlines last year. We visited one of the Home Depot stores around our area. We bought the product and saved our aging mirror that had become an embarrassing fixiture in our beautiful bathroom!! It made quite a dramatic difference. It totally changed our bathroom and it is easy to install. TRY IT!!" Anne K from Columbia, MD

Change your bathroom mirror by adding this border

"Especially useful for large, rectangular bathroom mirrors that look like hotel mirrors. Dresses up the mirror and changes the entire look of the bathroom. Easy to install." Lina of Florida

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From Hilton Hotels

We continue to enjoy the results of MirrEdge which has saved me over $6000.00 in mirror replacement over the last 8 months. We were graded badly for desilvering on our guest room mirrors on our QA inspections and it is now off the radar screen.
Bob, Hilton Hotels Corp. CA

To Manager of Home Depot

I am writing to tell you how happy we are with one of your newest products, MirrEdge. We recently moved into our new home in Boynton Beach and were planning to put a new beveled mirror in the master bath area at quite an expense when we happened upon this product in your store. We purchased the product and with no problem were able to install it ourselves.

It has made quite a difference in the appearance of our home and we are very pleased with the results. Thank you for carrying the product and saving us the cost of a new mirror. Now we can spend those extra dollars for something else at Home Depot.


Edward & Louise
Boynton Beach, FL


Dear Mirr.Edge,

Just had to write you to say thank you for a wonderful product! I am in the process of trying to sell my home. Had unsightly black line along the bottom of the mirror that started to travel upward in one of my bathrooms. Using your product was so easy and the results were absolutely beautiful. I was able to purchase your product at Home Depot in Delray Beach, FL where I first saw the product.

Keep up the good work!
Andrea M

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tell us about your experience with MIRREDGE

We'd love to hear your comments about how you used Mirredge and any quick tips for on the comments button

Monday, February 12, 2007

Make your mirrors 'pop'

I had three mirrors that we just plain. I added the MIRR EDGE with the corners and they really 'popped'. My husband was really impressed with the change and how easily the strips were applied. shortybritches from Tennessee

Great Product

easy to install and no tools needed. Added the look of wood to my bathroom mirrors at a fraction of the cost. Tanyika from Texas

MirrEdge Adhesive

I used this product when hanging my MirrEdge trim on my mirror. I was really impressed with it's staying power. I also like the fact that it dried fast and I didn't have to stand there forever and hold it. The only problem was that maybe it dried a little too fast and doesn't allow you much time to adjust the trim. FirstHome from Lebanon, TN

Change your bathroom mirror by adding this border

Especially useful for large, rectangular bathroom mirrors that look like hotel mirrors. Dresses up the mirror and changes the entire look of the bathroom. Easy to install. Lina from FLorida

Great Product

This product is very easy to install and makes your mirrors look so great!! It really adds the perfect finishing touch to the plain mirrors you might have in your house. Horv143 from Rock Hill, SC

Mirror Edge

This is an excellent product and idea. You can easily paint this product to match the trim in your room. Laxmad from Wilmington, DE

make your mirror look like new

the 3 foot by 5 foot mirror in my wife's bathroom was discolored along the edges. we planned on replacing it but then we saw an ad on tv about acrylic mirror edge strips. we went on line and found that home depot sold them on line. after reviewing the ad on line we decided to get the ones that matched the mirror. I installed them very easily and they matched perfectly and look great. Seddie from Longmeadow, MA

It's really easy to install

Your product is extremely easy to install, adds a high degree of style to a plain vanity mirror and best of all it is much more economical than a full replacement mirror. Gil, Boca Raton

Your Product is Great!

Your product looks really beautiful, so beautiful in fact that I am going to install it in my second bathroom, and my sister is going to do the same in her home. Mary, Pembroke Pines, FL