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Monday, June 23, 2008

Your Products

Hello Mirredge from England, last year about this time I was in dialogue with Florence of your company, I was anxious to obtain your product, and in fact did obtain exactly what I wanted from Lowes on a trip to Florida last year, we are really pleased with your product, and intend purchasing more when we again visit Florida in September.Purpose of this e mail is to 1) Let you know how pleased we are with Mirredge & 2) Ask if it is available in the UK yet, as it's a long way to go to obtain it after all. If you need any endorsement of your product we will be happy to oblige.

Ken & Kathryn Simpson, UK

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wood grain

"I and my husband first saw this product in sky mall brochure for Southwest Airlines last year. We visited one of the Home Depot stores around our area. We bought the product and saved our aging mirror that had become an embarrassing fixiture in our beautiful bathroom!! It made quite a dramatic difference. It totally changed our bathroom and it is easy to install. TRY IT!!"
By Annek from Columbia, MD