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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ashley's Shanty Thrifty Find

Hi Friends! I HAVE to blog about the thrifty find I made yesterday! I really don’t like the mirrors in our bathrooms but I have been patient in changing them out because I wanted to replace them with framed mirrors (for a more custom look) and that can be costly!

Well, I said it CAN be costly but as I found out yesterday my patience paid off BIG! I went to Lowe’s to buy some curtain rods when I stumbled upon a rack full of Mirredge mirror trim in several different colors. I stared at the Cherry Walnut for a while and wasn’t sure how it would look but I couldn't leave the store without it so I bought just enough for the boys bathroom upstairs.

These came in sets of two so I bought 2 sets ~ one set for the horizontal trim and one for the vertical trim. I then bought 1 set of 4 corner plates. They cover the seams and add a nice aesthetic touch.

Whitney just happened to be coming over that afternoon (how convenient for me) so she assisted me in this venture. The trim is 59.5” long, so roughly 5’. The instructions say to measure each piece on the mirror, score and then crisply snap the trim to get the right fit. This did not work (circular saw is so much more efficient – learned how to use one with this project). Measure the vertical strips first and then the horizontal. After you cut them down to size there are double-sided adhesive pads that come with the trim – just peel and stick (we put 4 to 5 on each strip).

To see the rest of the project check out my blog at: Ashley's Shanty2Chic

Home Depot Stores and Lowe's need to carry your product!!!

It was a pleasure speaking with you a little while ago. I share your enthusiasm about the Mirredge product. Surprisingly, I learned about your amazing product from my plumber, who suggested that Mirredge will transform my master bathroom. At one of his customers homes, he was able to witness, first hand, how upscale your product looks and how easy it is to install. He tells all of his customers about Mirredge.

I have visited your website and scrolled through the pictures that you have posted online. I have also viewed YouTube videos with instructions on how to install MirrEdge. Your product is going to be an internet sensation!I needed my bathroom mirror cut and was telling the glass company about your product. They had never heard of it (or anything like it) but want me to let them know what I think about it once it is installed. The owner of the company seemed very interested!

I will send you a picture of my mirror upon completion. I am just so excited to have found your product! I can't wait to see how it looks.Thank you for your helpful suggestion about color and styling. I have ordered 3-36" strips of the cherry walnut with the along with the complimenting deco corner plates at Home Unfortunately, the seam plates that I need are not available on their website. Could you please let me know how I can purchase the seam plates?

Warmest regards,
Eileen B.
North Attleboro, MA